How to Paste on Glossy Surfaces

This applies to metal, plastic or other glossy surfaces.

Preparation before pasting

Clean the area you want to paste the decal with a wet cloth. Make sure there’s no grease or oily stains. Then leave it to dry.
Remove the decal from the wax paper.  Put the sticker on a flat surface with the decal facing up. Slowly peel the transparent tape from one corner. If the sticker won’t stick onto the transparent tape (transfer tape)…

Flip the decal over, wax paper facing up.

Instead of peeling the transparent tape, now peel the paper. You can fold the paper to let the decal ‘pop out’. Avoid using your fingers to push the decal onto the transparent tape, as you might stick dirt/dust/oily content onto the sticky part of the decal, which will make the decal less sticky. And it might have the possibility of the decal pasted onto your finger, and you’ll have a hard time position the decal back to its original position.

Now your decal is successfully removed from wax paper and ready to be pasted.

Spray some mild soap water onto the sticky side of the decal. Proportion 1 drop soap to 100ml water.

Spray some soap water on the area you want to paste.Now gently place the decal on the wall, do not apply too much pressure on the decal. Cause you may still want to re-position the decal.

Remove the decal…
Shift your decal to the position you wanted.Now you have confirmed the positioned of the decal.Use a squeegee or a similar to credit card thickness card, to apply pressure onto the decal and squeeze air and water out of the decal. Now slowly peel the transfer tape. Using the folding method like what you used to remove the decal from wax paper. Slowly fold and roll down.Do not peel by pulling outwards, pull downwards like the picture above.

If you find some places that didn’t stick well…Use a hairdryer to dry up the soap water in the decal.a20130922_192612 copyUse the squeegee and apply pressure on the places that didn’t stick well.
a20130922_192808 copy

You have finished pasting the decal~!
a20130922_192912 copy
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