Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a few common questions i get from customers. If you can’t find your answers here, please email your question to enquiry(at)chamberdecals.com

(Q) How do i paste the decals?
(A) This is a big question, with long answers, please go to How To Paste? page available in our website.

(Q) Can i wash the surface where i stick my decal?
(A) Our decals are water resistant and weather proof, you can wash the area, but you need to be careful for decals that have sharp corners or small parts.

(Q) Is it difficult to paste, by myself?
(A) It’s best to have 2 persons to stick a big decal, and to assist in aligning, pasting, transferring..etc.

(Q) How do i know if this decal suits my room/office/home?
(A) Well, take a photo of the wall you intend to paste on, send it to us at montage(at)chamberdecals.com , we’ll do the montage, and we’ll reply you asap~ No worries, it’s FREE

(Q) Will my paint give way when i remove the decal?
(A) This depends entirely of the surface you stick on and the weather. If you stick on a ‘just painted’ wall (within 3 months), or a low quality paint, the paint might give way. Try pasting on a secluded part of the wall to test your paint.

(Q) Does the decal leave a mark/stain if i remove it?
(A) It will not leave residue on wall or other matte and rough surfaces. If you are sticking on a glossy surface it may leave some residue, but it can be easily removed by alcohol/adhesive remover/butane (eg: lighter fluid).

(Q) What if i tore or lost parts of my decal during the process of pasting?
(A) We’re sorry but you need to pay the part for replacement and for this, you have to pay for the shipping.

(Q) Can i request for a personal design?
(A) Yes you can, but there will be a design fee, charges will be advised and is depending on the level of difficulty.

(Q) I forgot to ensure the surface is dry when I paste, Now i can’t peel off the transparent tape!
(A)No worries, leave the decals there overnight, it’ll dry itself. Or you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process of drying the water. Then you can slowly peel off the transfer tape.

(Q) I accidentally crease the decal, will my decal be affected?
(A) No worries, out decals are made of vinyl it’ll form back to its original shape when in contact with heat. Use a hair dryer to heat the decal only after you have removed the decal from the wax paper.

(Q) Small decals seems to be very difficult to stick onto the surface.
(A) Small decals, specially those with sharp and thin point, will tend to be difficult to stick as the contact area is small. You need to be very patient, you may need to use a sharp pincer, or a pen-knife to assist you.

(Q) After pasting, there’s air bubbles in the decal, how do i get rid of it?
(A) You need a sharp needle, poke a small hole at the bubble and use a squeegee to squeeze out the air/water. If the bubble is near the edge of the decal, you can slowly peel out the decal and use squeegee to squeeze and paste back the decal.