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Chamber Decals, a decal shop I created from the tropical island: Singapore!
We started in Etsy, over the years, we’ve made a name of being a unique shop that sells cute unique decals, and we’ll keep this going here~

With more than 10 years of experience in this field, encompass with a creative and fun loving designer who loves to doodle, enriched with heaps of design software knowledge and ample digital customization exposure catered to different customers, we’ re here to satisfy your needs!

Chamber Decals promise to satisfy customers the quality of our decals and designs. I am always creating new designs to satisfy my hunger for new heights and expand the diversity in the inventory.
My designs revolve in fun loving, happy hearted, positive and cute looking~ Very suitable for babies and children at age or children in heart~
Also suitable for new homes, new borns and new weds who wants to decorate their home and rooms with style adding a sense of fun to live up their living space…

Any other forms of decals are welcome;  automobile, corporate…etc , please send your enquiries here:

If you want to join us! To become a Chamber Artist, selling your unique design as a decal for the world, please contact me, we welcome you to join us!